Mobile Marketing Apps

The whole world is going Mobile! ...Are You?

We can design and build a customised Mobile App for Your Business.

It will be submitted to Apple and Android stores (also Blackberry & Windows) and will be live for your customers to download for FREE!

Over a third of the UK now has a smartphone and that increased by 60% last year!
People are using their mobile phones to search for almost everything, and using Mobile Apps to get instant access to their favourites.
It's not just about music & games anymore's about Business!

Apps are today's websites but portable!
Customers spend much more time on their phones these days ....have you noticed that!?
So you need a Mobile App to reach them, and they need you and your Business in the palm of their hand ....Life's so much easier that way! 

Don't let them search the internet for you...they may not find you or worse, may find a competitor!
So make your Business instantly accessible by letting us build your mobile App with marketing in mind!

Mobile Apps can give your customers many ongoing benefits.  You, as the business owner benefit by getting repeat customers, building loyalty, increased branding and also gaining new customers via the interaction a mobile App offers ....Your customers can then actually help do your marketing for you for free!

Just a Few Ways Your Mobile App can get You More Business
  • You can instantly message all customers with special offers - this can fill slow periods, move slow stock, generate additional sales etc.
  • Take enquiries, bookings, appointments all while on the move.
  • Customers have direct 1 touch dial telephone number and GPS mapping so they can easily contact and find you.
  • You can offer loyalty rewards via the QR codes that can be generated and scanned with a smartphone App.
  • Customers can use facebook & twitter etc to share your business with their friends ....this is the new 'word of mouth'!

This is Cutting Edge Technology that we can bring to You at Affordable Prices.
This really is the future...Massive Flexible Instant Marketing Power through Your Own Mobile App!

Contact us today to discuss in more detail or visit our other dedicated Website